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What is the NEW Protein Fuel 50?

A fantastic Ready-To-Drink shake, our popular USN Protein Fuel 50 is a great addition to the Core Series.

Formulated to provide you with the same benefits as one of our powerful shakes, our ready-to-drink supplement is convenient and available in a variety of great flavours

Provided in packs of 6, each of our 500ml bottles provides you with up to 50g of premium protein and our new formulation contains less carbs AND lower fats.

What are the benefits?

It's widely known that protein is an essential supplement for any gym goer; our popular supplement provides a healthy supply whilst keeping that indulgent taste.

  • Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle who are looking to add extra protein to their diet.
  • Perfect for taking to the gym as part of your recovery routine or just for a quick snack.
  • Build lean muscle with a healthy supply of protein.

Is this product for me?

Supporting your diet with a healthy supply of protein is recommended for any individual taking on a fitness challenge.

The USN Protein Fuel 50 is ideal for those with little time to prepare a nutritious snack; our supplement provides you with the nutrients you need to support your training in a ready-to-drink bottle.

Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 500ml
 Energy Per 100ml
Per 500ml
10g 50g
of which sugars**
4.7g 24g


Total Fat
Of which saturates

0.4g 2g
0.16g 0.80g

*Only in chocolate, vanilla and banana flavours.
**Intrinsic milk sugar only.


Skimmed milk Milk protein concentrate (8.3%) Water Natural Flavouring Sweetener: Sucralose Stabilizers: Carrageenan, Gellan gum.

The USN Protein Fuel 50 is recommended to drink whenever is convenient for you!

Simple, tasty and instant protein our popular supplement is provided in a pack of 6x500ml and is available in 4 delicious flavours!

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