مسل تك امينو ببلد

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AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN is the next evolution of the trusted BCAA formula from MuscleTech that has stood the test of time. But it's more than just a BCAA formula. AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN still delivers reliable results with the same clinically researched key ingredients that have been helping athletes around the world drive their gains, amp up strength, and improve exercise performance. But now, MuscleTech researchers have added the benefit of electrolytes to help hard-training athletes restore depleted stores after an intense workout, as well as coconut water and watermelon juice. It's our most complete amino formula yet. What's even better is that MuscleTech researchers worked with the top flavouring houses in the world to develop best-in-class flavours that taste better than the competition. AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN is the n ext-generation BCAA formula that delivers everything athletes need to help them stay on top of their game.
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