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What you want–what you need is a simple but effective boost without any of the unnecessary “extras” you get from other conventional energy products out there. What you need is Animal Energy. Animal Energy comes in a single capsule dosage system. It’s small but potent, and easily fits into your macros with 0 calories and no sugar. Designed for maximum versatility, simplicity, ease-of-use, and results, Animal Energy combines 7 unique and powerful ingredients to deliver one simple result—stimulate the body and sharpen the mind. Animal Energy can help you when you need to be strong and help push you through days that feel long. Unlike regular “caffeine pills” you can pick up at the drugstore, Animal Energy’s unique 2-stage delivery system will provide both a rapid AND lasting source of jitter-free, clean, unadulterated energy and focus. Animal Energy accomplishes this feat through a precision-engineered dose of caffeine anhydrous (fast) with a special herbal blend (slow) of coffee bean extract, green tea extract, yerba mate leaf, and guarana seed. Whether you’re training 1-2 hours several times a week and need to be at your peak or just need a solid, measured pick-me-up on off days to get things done, you approach training and life with intensity. You expect a lot out of yourself. You know that every minute that passes is an opportunity to take you one step closer to your goals. Can a single capsule help you do that? If your problem is low energy and lack of focus, then Animal Energy can definitely help you stay on track and get dialed in Sometimes you just don’t need the full power of Animal Fury. Sometimes an energy drink won’t cut it either. Drinks are often loaded with sugar, chemicals, additives, and unwanted calories. They can fill you up too. When you’re eating 4-6 square meals a day or more, do you really want extra liquid taking up valuable real estate in your stomach? Plus, energy drinks can cause dehydration, leading to a never ending cycle of having to drink even more fluid—a bane to bulkers everywhere While Animal Energy can used as a pre-workout supplement by serious lifters, it also has the flexibility and versatility to be taken at other times of the day for anyone looking to get both a quick and sustained boost of clean energy, focus, and mood. Animal Energy delivers whenever you need to be at your peak - conveniently, consistently, and effectively.
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Dosage: Take One Capsule 30 Minutes Before Your Workout Or Whenever Extra Energy And Focus Are Needed. Do Not Exceed 1 Capsule Per Day. Do Not Consume 6-8 Hours Prior to Bedtime. For further directions please see the item label.
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